Our Mission

Church Vision

We dream of a church where members are given opportunities of service by use of their spiritual gifts in the edification and operation of the local church

We dream of a church that magnifies God in worship services of spirit and truth, lifting up the name of God, by the Word of God, to the Glory of God

We dream of a church where its members are committed to each other and to witnessing for Jesus Christ and reaching our community and the lost through evangelism

We dream of a church that purposes the equipping of its members to go on to maturity and into service of the Lord

Pastor's Vision

For God to be magnified in spirit and truth

For each member to be involved in service through unity

For each member in the church to get personally involved and to bring one more person to our church

Church goals

Build a multi purpose gym for the purpose of bringing our community together and providing our youth with wholesome activities

Continue to be involved in the community and to bringing individuals to Christ

Build a new children's playground

Establish a Lord's Gym